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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What in the World is Tort Reform?

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"Tort reform" is nothing more than a conservative effort to create a social program for the liability insurance industry.  In other words it is label to hide the fact that the insurance company lobby is throwing money into the campaign war chests of state and federal legislators to see things their way. They also flood the media with false information in an effort to scare the public into the belief that their insurance premiums will skyrocket unless laws are passed to prevent the injured from receiving fair and just compensation.  Unfortunately, the masses do not understand that they pay an insurance premium for the very right to be protected and compensated in the event of a loss.  The payment is not designed to be a donation to the insurance company.

As a Chicago personal injury attorney I have spent my entire career fighting these companies for the rights of injured and the families of wrongfully killed individuals.  These "800 pound gorillas" do not play fair but rather will do anything to garner record profits. Whenever I hear the conservative lament that the problem is the "PI lawyers", I point out the fact that many high rise office buildings bear the names of insurance companies on brightly illuminated signs 50 stories above the ground, yet not a single such building is named after a plaintiffs personal injury trial lawyer!

What would truly be refreshing  is for everyone in business to admit that they have a pecuniary interest and agenda to be fulfilled and drop the false moral issues which they create to hide the same. None of us like laws that may hurt us in the wallet but please do not engage in false propaganda and expect others to accept the fiction.   

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